Ramco was founded in 2011 by two friends who had one truck and one goal: to provide superior environmental and application services to anyone who needed them. How? By simply doing what they said they would do, doing it right, and doing it safely.

It all started when Jason Ramsey and Brian Coleman met in 2009 while working for an oilfield service company. Although the two had very different backgrounds, their strengths complemented each other, and they formed a strong friendship. Their shared dedication to their trade, the industries they serviced, and the customers they partnered with ignited a spark in their minds…they could start their own business doing what they love and doing it better than anyone else.

After a great deal of thought, many talks with their families, and countless sleepless nights, they decided to take the plunge. With some money they were able to save and the help of a local bank, Jason and Brian bought a truck, landed an agreement with a local energy company, and Ramco was born. In order to track their jobs, they began writing them down in a notebook they kept in the truck, and they used that notebook until it ran out of paper. Although it is now retired, the notebook is still kept in the office as a reminder of how it all started.

In 2011 Jason and Brian were presented with a great opportunity to join Momar, a long-established, family-owned and operated specialty chemical manufacturer. Feeling an immediate bond with the Momar family and seeing the advantages the additional resources could provide their customers, Jason and Brian soon joined Momar, and Ramco became the company’s newest division.

Since joining Momar, Ramco’s growth has accelerated beyond Jason and Brian’s hopes…and we are still growing today thanks to our customers and the hard work of our extremely capable service personnel. Ramco has now grown to a full fleet of trucks, with a multitude of capabilities, servicing a wide range of industries across the United States. As our company has grown, so has our dedication to providing superior environmental and application services. We are ready to serve you, so contact us now.