This half-mile long, unpaved haul road that is traveled daily by plant pick-up trucks, delivery trucks, and large 20-ton trucks hauling ­fly ash from the plant site.

The road base is typical of most haul roads. It is well graded and composed of medium-grade aggregate. As you can tell in this picture, ­fly-ash carry-over has mixed with the other aggregates and fines in the roadbed to create a very friable blend that produces a great deal of dust.

Ramco provides a turnkey road stabilization and dust suppression solution.  Shown here is a 2000-gallon tank of our product mixed with water being applied at a rate of 0.46 gallons of solution per square yard. Three applications were performed at this rate with drying time allowed between each application over the 7,333 square yard area.

As you can see in this picture, it penetrates quickly and coats the surface evenly without excess puddling.

As the road base continues to dry, Ramco encourages plant trucks to travel over the roadway in order to force the product deeper into the road surface.

As the resins in the product break from the water carrier, they permanently adhere to fines in the road forming a moisture permeable network of bonds that hold fines together and prevent dust from becoming airborne, even under heavy traffic.

It is easy to see in this before-and-after picture that the fines have been bound to the road surface very well.  The roadbed is now dry, tack-free, and dust free.

There is no dust coming from the road base as this truck drives at speeds near 40 miles per hour. Before application, this truck would have scattered several pounds of respirable dust into the air as it drove by.


  • Area Treated: Half-Mile Haul Road totaling 7,333 square yards
  • Application Rate: 0.46 gallons of solution per square yard. Three applications.
  • Life of Treatment: 30 days, then a maintenance application, was performed which extended the dust free road for several more months.