Ramco manufactures products for the oil & gas, construction, mining and agriculture industries.  Our products address road stabilization, road dust control, soil stabilization and retention, prime coating, erosion control, and freeze conditioning and protection.

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Road Dust Control

Heavy-Traffic Haul Road Stabilization, Dust Suppression, Soil Retention, Prime Coating, & Erosion Control

Water-proof road and soil enhancer.  A concentrated blend of unique, asphaltene-free resins that thrive under the stresses that shear other chemistries.  Penetrates even hard-packed roads to stabilize the driving surface, improving driving conditions while reducing dust, pot-holing, wash-boarding, silt-runoff, and aggregate loss. Mixes easily “in-tank” for application with any water truck. Because it is formulated for use in and around sensitive habitats, Resinator is an environmentally sound solution for dust control and soil retention needs. Learn more.

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Freeze Conditioning


FreezeNot 65

Ultra Concentrated Freeze Protection Technology

Glycerol-based side-release and freeze conditioning agent.  Designed to achieve maximum freeze protection while minimizing environmental impact.  An excellent alternative to calcium chloride, magnesium chloride, potassium acetate, and other salt-based products.  Perfect for in-transit freeze conditioning of coal.  Also proven to perform well in water trucks, brine trucks, agricultural solution tanks, and aggregate storage when protection from freezing is desired.

  • Provides freeze protection down to -53°F
  • Non-corrosive – actually protects metal parts
  • Non-flammable – contains no alcohols or petroleum derivatives
  • Humectant qualities aid in dust suppression by enhancing moisture retention
  • Excellent clingability to vertical surfaces and high lubricity in cold temperatures enhances performance and resists washout
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