An independent testing agency conducted performance studies on Resinator and found that a single application of Resinator will reduce dust by 90%, even after 10,000 vehicle passes.

Roger’s community wants to know when they are going to treat the rest of their roads with Resinator. “A week later – the dust is still gone. A month later – the dust is still gone.”

Eric Mathews has been responsible for watering the roads for years. His community has tried everything to keep their roads dust free. He thinks Resinator is “Amazing.”

Resinator is a patented, waterproof, asphaltene resin used for heavy-traffic haul road stabilization, dust suppression, soil retention, prime coating, and erosion control.  Resinator deeply penetrates road aggregates to stabilize driving surfaces and reducing airborne dust particulates by over 90& – even after 10,000 vehicle passes.  This unique resin is environmentally safe, offering a sound solution for dust control and soil retention in and around sensitive habitats.

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Resinator vs. Magnesium Chloride (MgCl)
Compare the superior dust suppression characteristics of Resinator to Magnesium chloride.

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