Ramco provides fluids hauling for oil & gas operations, fracturing operations, well services, industrial and rig cleaning operations, sump pump services, vessel cleaning, exchanger cleanings, and tank cleaning.

Ramco Fluids Hauling

Our highly experienced management professionals work around the clock to coordinate our growing fleet.  We promise to provide dependable service 24/7/365, including holidays.  Our reliable fleet of vacuum trucks are capable of:

  • Collecting contaminated water, waste, and other fluids safely and transporting these to suitable disposal wells, in compliance with industry, state, and federal regulations
  • Transporting fluids to and from drilling and completion well sites
  • Hauling flow-back fluids from well sites to approved disposal sites
  • Transporting water to fill tanks and reservoirs at well sites

Fluids Hauling Services

  • Collection
  • Transportation
  • Disposal

Equipment Used

  • Vacuum Trucks
    • Truck/Trailer
    • Tractor
    • 130-Barrel Trailer
    • 110-Barrel Bob Truck


  • Oil-Based Mud
  • Water-Based Mud
  • Slop Water
  • Production Water
  • Industrial Wastewater
  • Fresh Water
  • Flow-Back Fluid
  • Cleanouts & Drillouts
  • Compressor Oil


Our Availability

many-trucks With large fleets based out of Central Arkansas and Eastern Ohio, Ramco is ready to move at a moment’s notice.