How long will Ramco’s road dust control solution last?
Ramco’s road dust control solution is durable – reducing airborne dust by 90% even after 10,000 vehicle passes.  Our road dust control solution can last up to 6 months after the initial application and just 1 maintenance application.

Is Ramco road stabilization and road dust control program more cost-effective than using only water?
Ramco’s road stabilization and road dust control program significantly reduces cost while improving performance.  The ROI (return-on-investment) is typically 6-18 months.  Money is saved because treatments last up to 200 times longer than water-only treatments.  Ramco customers notice drastic decreases in fuel costs, labor costs, vehicle maintenance costs, aggregate replacement costs, and water usage.  Drivers and trucks once employed for water applications can be reassigned to other tasks.

What does Ramco use to stabilize the road and control road dust?
Ramco uses a waterproof road and soil enhancer that is composed of a concentrated blend of unique, asphaltene-free resins that thrive under the stresses that shear other chemistries.  The propriety compound is able to penetrate even hard-packed roads to stabilize the driving surface and improve driving conditions while reducing dust, pot-holing, wash-boarding, silt-runoff, and aggregate loss.

How safe are Ramco’s road stabilization and road dust control products?
Our propriety blends used for road dust control, road stabilization and soil retention are environmentally sound and were formulated for use in and around sensitive habitats.  Many state environmental agencies certify our environmentally friendly formulations.

Where does Ramco offer road stabilization and road dust control services?
Ramco has hubs in Arkansas (479-264-5386) and Ohio (740-610-3807).  We can service customers all over the US from these two hubs.  We have mobilized our service for jobs as far south as Florida and as far north as North Dakota.  Contact us so that we can provide you with a quote for your project.


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